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Even though many beautiful songs were written with very simple chords (hey, that's an idea for a blogpost...), one cannot argue that adding tension to chords is what really lights the spark in music and creative inspiration. Let's face it: sticking to the three basic chord notes makes you feel like a chipmunk on the long run, or a vocal ensemble in Tirol at best (no offence...some of them are really great!). Imperfection stirrs interest, and those irregular intervals can really evoke emotion and energy.

So how do we react to these tensions? We tried to make a summary of common human reactions to known musical chord formulas.

1. Major 7 - Saudade...

That seductive mix of Brazil, sunset, cocktail, melancholy...that twist in your stomach as soon as you pluck the chords and go: "...aahh...". No wonder it is so typical of Bossa Nova, the mother of "Saudade"...(a word in Portuguese and Galician that has no direct translation in English. It describes a deep emotional state of nostalgic or profound melancholic longing - Wikipedia).

2. Minor 7 - Determination

Walking down the street with that "don't fuck with me" look upon your face...it's good to play a minor 7 in your head when on your way to a government office for some burocratic crap. Yeah, cause you're mad - but funky. If you ad a 7th flat to it, then a slightly satisfied grim appears upon your face. Resolve with a 7th chord? Mission accomplished!

3. 7th/13th - The Big Question Mark

You're dying to go play with your friends, but on your door step your mom is waiting with her hands crossed with that look saying: "have you finished your homework, have you cleaned your room?" You both know the answer to that, but while you are forcing your mind for a feasible outcome on your behalf, a giant question mark fills the air...

4. 9th - Oh goody goody goody...

Isn't it wonderful to be here together, all so happy and innocent in perfect harmony, with a slightly exagerated production of serotonin in our brain...

5. Diminished - Yikes!

I will probably chop off your leg, make you watch me eat it, and let you die while I pass sandpaper on the walls. Why? Cause harmony is no game for kids!

6. Semi Diminished - Proportion...

Ok, so maybe I'll just chop off your leg...

7. 7th/9# - Surprise!!


8. 13th SUS - Delightful!


9. 7th/5# - Higher State Of Consciousness

I know, we've had our moments...but now, with you by my side, I can feel the stream of the universe converging in this special moment of sincere contemplation...

Peace, Love & Good Music

Double Dot

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