Recording & Mixing

Our studio is fully equipped for all tasks. Acoustics and equipment aside, you will always benefit from our most valuable asset - our ears and experience.

Arrangement & Production

Our work in various musical genres has made us a potential key for your success. Wether it's in the acoustic or electronic domain, starting a project from scratch or working with consolidated bands and creative teams - we will maximize the value of your musical project.


We provide an affordable digital/analog mastering. We offer all our clients one test master per project. Pay only if satisfied.

Jingles and Advertising Content

Musical content for advertising. For more click here.


We will easily perform all common editing tasks. We are also what you would call "Power Editors" - the saviours of a "not too good" performance...of course, our first advice for poor tracking would be to record everything from scratch. When this is not possible, we can fix a shaky performance to a decent master, in a reasonable amount of time and money. 

On site recording

We can record up to 26 channels (12 mic inputs + 14 line inputs) on site (concerts, rehersal rooms, schools etc).


Normally the song will be the heart of your musical project, and everything else will be just as good as the song really is. One can think of a song as a one man creative process, or rather as a team work. In any case, our history of working with bands and artists in the core of the composition process has proved to make a real difference.

Acoustic Treatment

Starting with our own studio, and passing through some distinguished colleagues, we've gained experience in designing and treating acoustic spaces. For more click here.

Dubbing - Mix for TV - 5.1

We are equipped for surround and dolby 5.1 mixing following the latest international broadcast standards. We regularly work with a team of actors and speakers for all needs of sound for motion picture.

Our Golden Rule

Respect the artists. Even though we have worked on both sides of the glass window, we will never push ourselves into your project. We will only give you the assistance you are seeking from us. If what you need is technical support and realization, that's what you'll get. We will only give you artistic and creative feedback if you will ask for it. Your music is your life and your business, and only you will be calling the shots.